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Supporting patrons with access needs

Information for older audiences

Patrons with limited mobility:

Patrons who do not use a wheelchair but do have limited mobility have easy access to a number of seats at the same level as the auditorium entrance – a member of the Front of House team will happily reserve seats in these rows before the auditorium opens to the public if requested. If you wish to reserve seats on this level you can phone the venue and let a member of staff know, or add a note to your online booking.

Patrons with Hearing Impairment:

The auditorium at The Place is equipped with a hearing aid induction loop. Hearing aid users should switch their hearing aids to the ‘T’ setting once seated in the auditorium.

Support for customers with Wheelchairs

The Place welcomes patrons with wheelchairs, but due to limitations of the auditorium we can accommodate only a very limited number of wheelchairs per performance. For this reason, we ask patrons with wheelchairs to specifically book a wheelchair position (and adjacent seats for companions) when booking their tickets:

If you intend to book via our online booking system, please call us on 01234 354321 to discuss setting up our complimentary companions ticket discount on your customer account. You will only need to o this once, and after that each time you login to buy tickets at The Place Bedford you will automatically receive your complimentary companion ticket for each event before you check out your booking cart.
Once at the theatre: The entrance from the main car park into the foyer and bar area, and the route through into auditorium to the wheelchair positions, is all at the same level with no steps to negotiate. A lavatory designed for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility is available immediately outside the auditorium entrance.

We regret that there is no wheelchair access to the rehearsal and meeting rooms and offices on the upper floor of the building. This is of no consequence to our events attendees, as all public theatre facilities are on the ground floor, but could be of relevance for training courses and rehearsals which use the rehearsal rooms – please check with the organiser of your event to ascertain where it will be taking place.

Work for d/Deaf Audiences

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