Produced By: Remi Rachuba


Professional Theatre
17 Apr 2020

What happens when something changes your life forever? How do we move on? Can we ever reallybe ourselves again?

INTRUZ asks these hard questions in a physical,visceral and candid way, reflecting the chaos of our mind and our lives.

Based on a true story, Remi’s world becomes mixed up after an aggression derails his life’s course. Can coming to a new country help him to leave his past behind? Dealing with injustice, loss and fear, INTRUZ is an uplifting story brimming with inspiring positivity, pragmatism and thankfulness.

Playing with his new language and obliterating the barrier between cultures, Remi attempts to come to terms with the man he has become.

This performance is in Polish with some fragments in English

Przedstawienie w języku polskim z fragmentami wjęzyku angielskim

Show Times:

  • 17 Apr 2020 - 19:30 @ The Place Bedford - (opening time 19:15) Intruz/Intruder

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